Monday, October 18, 2010

~Musings of a Mother and Daughter~

~Mother and Child~
Jessie Wilcox Smith
My Oldest Daughter Lauren, has been Collecting Quotes and Poetry from many different resources for Quite Some time now. She has been Writing them all down in a Journal. They are Quotes that Inspire her, or Make her Laugh or about Love and relationships. I Love the Romantic in Her.
Just as Lauren loves Collecting Quotes and Poetry, I Love Collecting Beautiful Works of Art as well as Creating my Own Art. I have shared some of the Painting I collected on my other blog. It really has been a Labor of Love as Well as an Art History Lesson for me!
I Have Been Looking for Something that Lauren and I Could Do together, Create together for Quite some time now. Something we would Both Enjoy....It occurred to me, Thanks to Paula from Tattered Gold... Why not Combine Both together! So this Blog will be the Collaboration of Both of our Loves and Interests!

~The Language of Art and the Artistry of the Written Word~
~A Perfect Melody ~
Have a Wonderful Day!
Lauren & Jill

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  1. Dear Lauren & Jill,
    What a beautiful collaboration for daughter and mother to partake in! The idea of collecting inspirational quotes in a journal is exceptional, I too find myself drawn to verses that speak to me and have collected them for days when I need a "lift". To marry those words with art solidifies their meaning ...

    I am deeply humbled and honored to think I helped to inspire this joining. I look forward to the enlightenment to come!

    My very best to you both! {{hugs)) P.


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